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Which is the best social media platform to promote your website and why

Which is the best social media platform to promote your website and why

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Some of the social media platforms have become essential tools for online marketing. Many people are using these platforms to advertise and promote their business. This social media marketing enables small businesses with tight budgets to receive recognition. There is also heavy competition in social media marketing. Therefore, by choosing the best social media platform, you can promote your website well. Let us see a simple guide to select the best social media platform to promote your business.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is the best social media platform to target massive crowds. The active users of Facebook are 2.41 million that makes it the world’s largest social media platform. In fact, through Facebook, you can reach a diverse audience. Moreover, if your business targets age groups 18 years and above, then this is the best platform.


  • The ad feature on Facebook helps to attract customers who are willing to buy your products or services. This means that the ads get displayed to the right user at the right time.
  • E-commerce integrations make Facebook a great platform to promote your business. The e-commerce integration allows the customers to purchase products from your Facebook business page directly. Further, this enables one-click purchases.
  • Facebook allows companies to contact customers through Facebook messenger. They can interact with the customer about shipping details and delivery updates through the messenger itself.

2. Instagram

Instagram is another popular social media channel that is owned by Facebook. The active users on Instagram are 1 billion. This is the main advantage of using this platform for your business. You can use this social channel to promote your business by posting pictures, stories, and IG videos. The Ad espresso stats say that more than 80% of the Instagram users follow famous brands.


  • The story is the best feature on Instagram. Through the Instagram stories, you can attract millions of users by posting unique visual content. By smartly using the visual elements, you can promote your business.
  • Live video is another excellent tool to promote your business. Through live videos, you can cover the behind the scene footage of your business and its products. If there is a new update or new product, then you can post it through live videos.
  • The Instagram direct feature helps you to target specific users directly. It is also considered as an excellent tool for customer service. You can send your product details to customers, and the interested customers can also contact you through direct messages.

3. Twitter

With an average of 330 billion users, this is the most well known social media platform to promote your business. In many countries, twitter is the primary channel through which people know about the latest news and trends. So, this platform is a narrow channel to share your brand updates. Twitter contains an equal amount of male and female users. Therefore the main advantage of using this platform is that you will be able to promote your products and services to both the genders. If you want to target young users, then this platform is the best as 36% of users are of 18-29 age groups.


  • Twitter has provided a flexible digital marketing platform for businesses.
  • The hashtag is the best feature as it allows you to reach new audiences. Many users follow popular hashtags on twitter. Therefore, you can take advantage of these trending topics and start a new hashtag to promote your business.
  • The digital advertising feature helps you to reach many users. There are lots of options available in digital advertising. Therefore, create unique digital ads and allow your business to trend.

Conclusion Social media marketing helps to increase traffic, get potential customers, and worldwide brand recognition. Therefore, use any one of the popular social media platforms to promote your business.

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