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What best can be done when Quarantined!

What best can be done when Quarantined!

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For a long time, if you haven’t written anything or even letter to anyone, then why not now. When you are out of words, and mind filled with so much, you should start with immediate effect. Today somehow managed to pen down few let’s see how long it goes. what to do when Quarantined.

What Next..!

When you are lockdown, the best possible way to utilize your time is by engaging in different stuff that you wanted to do. If you never got a chance or time due to daily household work, then start thinking creatively and working on it.

Better reach out..!

Start jotting down what is getting wild in mind be it intimacy, hobbies, handmade craft or education courses anything but right what you feel ease out with words. Here I don’t think you need to write for hours. It’s just what struck you write in points.

Try writing using your creative mind

Can suggest some right way to start writing is you think about your life, career, kids, passion, hobbies, whatever start writing which can turn out to be a blog or an article. The only few requisite is 

  1. It shouldn’t be copied. 
  2. Keep it simple and readable
  3. No long sentences.
  4. Good subheadings
  5. Conclusion or end it in a lovely manner
  6. If writing for readers to know what you feel then the tone should be a single person, i.e. “I.”
  7. If writing for readers to know generally, then you can use second or third person, i.e. “We or People(They/all)”

Writing is not difficult, but yes you need the patience to draft it, proofread it, amend it if required and then make a final one. Once you start with these, see then there is no end to writing.

Why Writing

Have you ever thought that there are times when you want to let your inner feelings come out and burst out to one who you want it to hear? But vain, it doesn’t happen. Right!

Well here writing helps even if you are in love, or anger or broken write it maybe once you start you will feel relaxed. Writing anything and everything is possible to need a start and will to do it. A vibe also helps with a positive mind, Broken mind always ends in fabulous poetry which another form of writing. Writing is the best option when Quarantined.

Writing types that help

Blogs – You choose any topic and make a title if you love sports, cooking or any business just research and write what are latest which people or readers should know.

Poetry – An art! All can’t write I know but trying is not bad at least you will feel you tried.

Submissions – There are many publishers like for magazines, websites, education – school/colleges, etc. where they are paid bag full! Try your luck 


I have posted few and sources given too it might good source to start your earning.

End up

To conclude what to say, think well, write. Write and write. This is the best you can do when Quarantined. The amount of satisfaction you will get is remarkable, and anytime you can ask my help would love to guide any possible manner I can! Comment about what you feel.

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