Top 7 Roles of HR  Department in any Organization

Top 7 Roles of HR Department in any Organization

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Human Resource Department is one of the most vital sections in any organization. Often referred to as Human Resource Management, HRM offers a distinct approach towards employee management to drive the workforce for achieving specific goals. An efficient human resource department can provide an organization with a definitive structure and ability to manage its manpower to the best extent. There are several roles and responsibilities that HR professionals manage inside an organization.

Here are the top seven (7) roles of human resources in any organization.

1.      Manpower Planning & Strategy

HR is the best person to guide any organization about the status of its manpower. Based on discussions with hiring managers, the HR manager plans about the existing and forthcoming requirements. Apart from human resource planning, formulating strategy is another important task for any HR. HR is a strategic partner in any company who can project a report to the Human Resource Management regarding various solutions.

2.      Employee Recruitment, Selection & Induction

A vital part of any HR activity is the recruitment process. Several means are implemented starting from procuring prospective candidates from job portals to find interested candidates from a recruitment agency. The selection of any candidate is a process involving two or three hierarchies as per companies. Once the recruitment is done, it is the HR manager who gives a generic induction to the new employees. The induction process involves company profile, areas where the company is working, general HR rules and regulations, etc.

3.      Training and Development

The duty of HR professionals doesn’t end with the selection of an employee. Rather it is round the clock activity of any good HR who keeps in touch with the employees. They know the best part of them, can handle the grievances of them. Also, he should know what things employees need to learn to produce better output. Training Need Analysis is a vital part of any HR activity. One should always do that practice for the betterment of both organization and employee. 

4.      Compensation & Benefits

Structuring the compensation part, managing the benefit and statutory compliance is a major role that any HR professional performs. Mostly are now performed using automated systems in HRMS like ERP solutions providing applications. Starting from attendance capturing to the salary calculation is done automatically, without any manual intervention.

5.      Performance Management

Performance Management is done every year to find the status of an employee. It is the yardstick for his appraisal also. So, HR people put a lot of effort to conduct performance management in the best possible way as per the internal system. It provides input to the top-level management accordingly.

6.      Employee Management

Another important role that any HR people perform is managing employees for various activities. There are several management programs that HR professionals perform. It keeps the momentum high for any employee working in an organization. 

7.      HR Audit and other Administrative Duties

HR does perform audits limited to its domain to find if everything is in the right order or not. Systems are checked as well as the procedures are verified in the HR audit segment. Other daily administrative duties also need to be performed by the HR manager.

These are the seven most important HR functions performed in any human resources department.

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