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Surrogate Mother – How to find the Best one

Surrogate Mother – How to find the Best one

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Surrogate Mother – Infertility has become one of the significant issues in recent times for a large number of couples. They dream of parenthood, but somehow it is not fulfilled. To keep their hopes alive, surrogacy is the latest concept. Several group are approving this procedure to have a baby.

Surrogate Mother

How Surrogacy Happens

There are two surrogacy processes – one is with donor eggs, and the other is with self-eggs.

Let’s look into both briefly. 

In surrogacy with donor eggs, the surrogate woman’s eggs are fertilized by the IVF process with the desired sperm. Once the eggs are fertilized, the best embryo is picked up, and that is implanted in the womb of the surrogate mother. The baby grows up within this womb till it is born. 

On the other hand, surrogacy with self-eggs differs in the process. Here, the eggs of the intended mother are fertilized with the men sperm at the laboratory only. It is also done using the IVF process. After some days, when the eggs are fertilized, then the best embryo is picked up. That embryo is implanted in the surrogate mother’s womb, and the baby is developed within it. 

How to Choose Surrogate Mothers

As surrogate mothers play the most crucial role in your baby’s birth, there remains a screening process to choose the best woman. Here are some parameters to find the best: 

  • Background Verification – Detailed background verification takes place on the surrogate mother, and she needs to submit all sorts of documents available with him. The documents must be verified and scrutinized before accepting the woman as the surrogate mother
  • Psychological Counselling – This is the most critical phase where the surrogate mother should be fit both mentally and physically to carry a baby. 
  • Medical Test – Surrogate mothers are counselled in-depth and are informed about the process. If they are interested, then only the following steps are initiated. They have to undergo various medical tests, and a complete health checkup is done to ascertain her ability to have a baby. 
  • Legal Counselling – While the counselling goes on, a lawyer remains present to make the woman and her husband understand all the contract’s rules and regulations. Then the contract papers are signed accordingly. 
  • Payment Terms – All financial aspects are also discussed with the woman and her husband. If there is no bank account of the surrogate mother, then it is also opened, and payments are credited into that account as per the contract. 

Surrogate Mother in Delhi

Being the capital city, Delhi has so many childless couples as well surrogate mothers who are ready to have a baby. The chances of finding perfect surrogate mother increases in Delhi. Already many surrogate mothers are present in and around Delhi, and unavailability of them will not be a significant issue. 

If you plan to have a baby through surrogacy, then we are the best in Delhi to provide all modern amenities and facilities. With our experience and expertise, thousands of couples found their baby through surrogacy. You, too, can be beneficiated in the same way. 

Who should be approached for surrogacy-related queries?

Happiness and health are both interrelated terms. A healthy life will keep you happy, and being happy cures illness and keeps you healthy. Sounds interesting. Human beings are the only living beings who lose his/temper and go into depression the moment they are told about their illness. Nowadays, the common disease faced by almost 60% of human beings is infertility. Infertility is a stage where the couple cannot conceive a baby.

Cause of infertility:

  1. Genetical problem: Genesis something which transfers from one generation to another. If a person is found infertile, their family history is checked to know about the situation from where it has been raised. The genetic problem cannot be cured completely, but an alternative can be selected to live a happy life.
  1. Lack of ovulation: Normally, to conceive a baby, the fertilized and good quality of egg and sperm is essential. Eggs are released by the ovaries present in the female. This is called ovulation. Sometimes, the ovaries do not function properly and do not produce eggs. So, in such cases, infertility arises due to a lack of ovulation.
  2. Unhealthy sperm and eggs: Conceiving a good and healthy baby happens only when the quality of the embryo (fertilized status of egg and the sperm)is good. Having unhealthy eggs or sperm cannot be strictly considered as a cause of infertility. However, if it is not handled in time, it will result in infertility. The root cause of unhealthy eggs or sperms may be high stress or other medical problems like Diabetics, Hypertension, Thyroid, etc. Today, the lifestyle of the human being is so fast that they do not have time to analyze what they are eating, the quality time the couple is having, etc. Excess work pressures also disturb the health and the hormone levels in the human body.

What is the solution to come out of this high stressful life?

High-stress life is something that is created by ourselves. Having an ambition in life is good as it encourages a person to move in life. Sometimes, human beings become over-ambitious and lose a lot in life.

  • The only answer to this problem is to approach a good physician and get good advice. The following are the suitable solutions to solve this problem:
  • Doing yoga, walking, and eating good and nutritious food may reduce stress levels. 
  • Prioritize your activities. This will reduce the stress levels, and even the activities can be done without any mistakes.
  • Spending quality time with your life partner is very important.

Once the issue of stress is sorted out, the hormones will automatically function properly, and one can experience good results, especially when planning for a baby. Even then, the problem of infertility remains, so consulting a good gynaecologist is advisable.

How to choose a good gynaecologist?

  1. Reviews: Normally, there will be a rumour about the person who does it when something good happens. Similarly, a good gynaecologist is famous for the results they provide.
  2. Cost: The cost of infertility treatment is very high. So a comparison between various infertility centres has to be done. An infertility centre that offers the service at a reasonable cost should be selected.
  3. Located nearby: The infertility treatment is not time-bound. It may take many months or years to get good results. So selecting an infertility treatment centre located nearby will reduce transportation costs as the centre frequently visits for treatment. However, if the infertility treatment centre is not worthy, there is no option other than looking for a good centre in other or far off locations.
  4. Opt for top and best surrogacy centres: Check the success rate and opt for a top and best surrogacy centre.

What are the top 5 Best Surrogacy Centres in Delhi/NCR?

There is an infinite number of infertility treatment centres as the problem has become so critical. Treatments like IUI and IVF are pretty standard nowadays. But surrogacy is something different. Even though it involves specific procedures, not all infertility centres can give a 100% success rate. The top 5 best surrogacy centres in Delhi/NCR are as follows:

  1. Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre- The centre is located near Mandi house metro station, Delhi, and has prominent doctors dedicated to treating their patients.
  2. Surrogacy Made Easy – The centre is located in Palam Vihar, Gurugram, Haryana.
  3. Vrinda Fertility – The centre is located in Noida.
  4. Akanksha IVF Centre, Delhi – Being located in West Delhi, the centre has a high success rate.
  5. Ferticity Fertility Clinics – The centre is located in Malviya Nager, New Delhi.


Being a mother is a blessing, and everyone can enjoy this even in infertility with the help of experts in this field. The right advice at the right time will change your life.

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