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Surrogacy and IVF treatment – All info

Surrogacy and IVF treatment – All info

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Surrogacy and IVF treatment – According to her, if a woman is asked, “what, according to her, is called the happiest moment in life?” the only answer one can expect is “the moment she is giving birth to a child”. No matter whatever pain she has undergone, she forgets it the very moment she sees the face of her child. That’s the beauty of nature. Giving birth to a child is a natural process. But at times, due to various reasons, some couples are not blessed with children.

Fitness plays a important role in everyone’s life. It is God’s gift and has to be protected till the end of life. But, there is some illness which comes as a package with all other things. One such illness is infertility. Infertility is a situation that creates hurdles in giving birth to a baby. Infertility may occur in men or women or sometimes both couples. Today, technology has developed so much that a solution is found for infertility, which is Surrogacy.

The woman who is giving birth to a child is called a surrogate mother. Surrogacy is a sort of arrangement done legally. In this arrangement, a woman agrees to conceive a baby and hand over the baby to other people who later will become the baby’s parents legally.

Reasons for not conceiving

Some of the reasons for not conceiving are as follows:

  • No Ovulation: Ovulation is the production of eggs from the ovary. When the ovary is not producing eggs required for conception, it is not ovulating and sometimes becomes a significant cause of female infertility.
  • Age-related infertility: To conceive a healthy baby, both eggs released from the ovary and the sperm should have good quality and quantity. After 35 in females and men after 40 years, the quality of eggs and sperms may not be so good. So even age also becomes a cause of infertility.
  • Other medical problems: Problems like Thyroid, Diabetics, Hypertension, and Depression may sometimes become a cause of infertility if these are not controlled with proper medication.

Whenever a problem arises, the couple should not get depressed. They should approach a good gynaecologist and take her advice. Both the wife and husband are tested thoroughly, and suitable treatment is advised. One of the appropriate treatments is IVF treatment.

What is IVF Treatment?

IVF refers to In Vitro Fertilization. IVF is a treatment that supports the conception of a child. Usually, the reproduction process starts when matured eggs from ovaries are fertilized by sperm. But when things are happening correctly due to various reasons, IVF treatment is done. IVF treatment involves the procedure of collecting matured eggs from ovaries and then are fertilized by sperm. All this happens in a laboratory under the observation of experienced technicians and doctors. Once the egg or the embryo is fertilized, it is transferred to a uterus. The whole cycle of IVF requires three weeks. However, the success rate of conceiving depends entirely on how the female body accepts this insertion. Several medicines are advised to support this insertion and make the outcome successful.

What is the cost of IVF treatment?

When the cost of this procedure is discussed, it would be appropriate to say that IVF treatment is expensive. IVF Cost in Delhi/NCR itself is between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2.5 lakhs. However, the treatment cost depends on the range of infertility problems the couple faces or either one of them. The more the problem, the more the cost. It would be tough to say “IVF treatment is safe”. One may face side effects due to the medications taken during the IVF procedure.

Why is Surrogacy required?

When a couple can give birth to a baby, they need to approach a good gynaecologist. After a thorough check-up, several treatments like IUI, IVF will be recommended. IUI is the initial treatment done while treating infertility. The sperm is directly inserted into the uterus to undergo the further process. Another treatment is IVF, where both eggs released from the ovary and sperm are collected and fertilized in a laboratory, and then the embryo is inserted into the uterus. The embryo is inserted in a different woman who agrees to conceive the other people’s baby and hand it over to them after birth. Both these processes are tried with the female in the childless couple. Even then, if the treatment fails, the ultimate option is Surrogacy.  A good health care facility ensure that you gets good Surrogacy and IVF treatment.

Why Surrogacy is considered an expense?

The infertility treatment itself involves a lot of expenditure. A lot of money has to be spent on lab tests, doctor’s consultancy, medications, IUI or IVF treatment expenses, etc. When it comes to Surrogacy, the cost will increase a lot. Apart from preparing and inserting the embryo into another woman’s uterus, a lot of money must be spent maintaining the surrogate mother. Her medicines, regular check-ups, doctor’s fees, nutritious food, etc., everything has to be taken care of

Surrogacy Cost in India

Surrogacy Cost in India sometimes includes the women’s charges for taking it as a task and losing all rights on the baby after its birth and handing it over to the childless couple. This sounds inhuman, but that is the fact. Many women below the poverty line consider this act as a profession and earn a livelihood. Even though this act is time-consuming, they are prepared to do this for the money they get in return. Bearing the cost of Surrogacy may not be affordable by many, but for the child’s sake, the childless couple arranges to collect the money required for this Surrogacy.


A successful IVF treatment requires time, money, patience, and good doctors. So when so much is invested, the choice of a good IVF treatment centre is a must. Hence Surrogacy and IVF treatment goes hand in hand. Surrogacy involves the involvement of a third person- the surrogate mother. When a third person is involved, it is better to go legally, which later helps to sort a legal issue raised by the surrogate mother.

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