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Pregnancy and pandemic – Tips to handle the situation

Pregnancy and pandemic – Tips to handle the situation

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Pandemic pregnancies can be a bit stressful for new mothers. The pandemic increases anxieties for pregnant mothers. However, mothers should understand that anxiety is a normal response from the human body in a threatening situation. Many mothers around the world have reported that they feel very stressed and anxious over little things in this difficult time. However, you can find tips that can comfort you and help you handle pregnancy and pandemic excellently. 

Things to avoid

Ignore and stay away from negativity  

  • It may be relevant for pregnant women to be updated on pandemic news. However, checking the news very often can increase anxiety and stress.
  • It is essential to ignore threatening news updates. Also, you can hear important news updates from reliable sources.
  • Avoid everything that feeds negative feelings. Social media can contain unauthentic and disturbing news.
  • It is not preferred for pregnant women to read threatening news updates at night. If you do not want to miss out on important news, ask it from your partner or family members. 

Do not stress over this feeling.

  • Anxieties are natural feelings in life. Many expect pregnant women to be happy and stress-free. However, pregnancy can naturally cause anxieties that make can make you sad. But, do not stress over this feeling or situation.
  • Remember that having these feelings is not a fault, and they are also manageable.
  • Do everything that makes you feel stress-free and relaxed. If you want to sleep, cook or involve in any other work, then do it. The most beneficial point to do is to focus on the things you love to do.

Things to follow

Acceptance is the key 

  • Thinking about what bad might happen can feed your anxiety and stress. In this challenging time, your mind may come up with worrying or negative thoughts. However, you can prevent excessive thinking by accepting the situation.
  • Try to focus on things that make you happy. You can also drink warm beverages and practice breathing to relax and feel calm. 

Talk to your dear ones through the phone.

  • Family and friends are always there to hear about your worries. Friends and family members are trustworthy, and they can be very understanding.
  •  If you want your anxieties to fade away, do not hesitate to talk about it with the people you trust. It is important to remember that you are not alone in this as many people around the world feel the same way. 

 Take good care of yourself.

  • Staying active and being healthy can decrease stress and anxiety. Try to take control of anxious feelings.
  • To stay healthy, you can avoid caffeine, smoking, or drinking. To feel healthy and active, try drinking plenty of water, eat well, and maintain good sleeping habits.

How to physically isolate and be socially active?  Human connection can reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. However, in this pandemic condition, pregnant women should be very mindful of isolation. Still, you can connect with your family through Skype, zoom ad other video calling apps. You can also join online groups that help you to cope with stress and anxieties. Stress management is essential for pregnant women in this pandemic. Also, follow the above tips to handle pregnancy and pandemic excellently.

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