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How to apply hair oil the right way?

How to apply hair oil the right way?

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Are you taking care of your hair? Or you are just applying any hair oil and going under the shower? If you are doing this, then indeed, you are not at all taking any care of your hair. You have to take proper care of hair.

Let’s look at how to apply hair oil:

  1. Choose the Right Oil – Conduct a patch test to check if you are prone to any allergy or not. You can use almond, coconut, jojoba, avocado, or even olive oil for your hair.
  1. Heat the Oil – Use warm oil to penetrate deeply through the hair cuticles and scalp.
  1. Massage the Scalp – Circularly rub the oil gently for some minutes. Blood circulation will increase, and stress will decrease. 
  1. Wrap a Warm Cloth – Tie your hair and wrap with a warm cloth. The oil will penetrate deep into your scalp and follicles through open pores.
  1. Rinse it Well – Leave your hair overnight and use quality shampoo to wash it off the next day. Rinse your hair using normal water and clean thoroughly. 

To Avoid: 

  • Don’t comb immediately after oiling
  • Never use excess oil
  • Don’t massage roughly

Never wash hair immediately.

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