Crack CAT – Guide to crack on the first attempt!

Crack CAT – Guide to crack on the first attempt!

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Common Admission Test or CAT is conducted by elite IIMs and premier B Schools of India. This is regarded as one of the toughest as well as prestigious exams in terms of management education. Thousands of students sit for the CAT exam, and a few are able to crack CAT depending upon the number of seats available in those IIMs & B Schools. Over the years, CAT has placed itself in the top bracket, and every management student loves to crack this exam to have a promising career. But CAT is not an easy exam to crack. It needs serious dedication, deep concentration, strong subject knowledge, and perseverance to excel in the CAT exam. Based on the score at the CAT exam, a candidate is evaluated, and he getsa chance accordingly in the institutions.

How to Crack CAT?

To crack CAT on the first attempt, you need to perform some extraordinary things that a common student will not do. It will show you how hungry you are really to crack an exam like CAT. You must have an impeccable study plan devised by an expert. You need to have the right strategy to enter premier management schools. You should have a definitive timetable also apart from diving deep into the conceptual part of the subjects. You can opt for self-study or group study, or you can even take tuition from any reputed institution to know the question patterns and the correct answers. Apart from all these, there are other special tricks if you want to crack CAT on the first attempt. Let’s discuss those in detail:

The decision between Self-Preparation and Institutional Coaching

Preparing yourself is the key to your success. You need to be honest in your effort, and you can never let any opportunity go regarding this prestigious exam. You are the most dependable judge of your skills. So, it is always advisable to have a self-assessment about your quality and capability. As a student, you must follow the syllabus and complete that in-depth by keeping all aspects into consideration and solving mock tests as many as possible as part of CAT exam preparation. After completing all these activities, then only a student can understand whether he needs any further coaching assistance from reputed institutions or not. It is ideal for joining in such courses to have the pressure of completing multiple mock tests in time and subject-wise revision during the session. These are particularly helpful as it has been observed that most of the students have depth in knowledge, but they cannot take the pressure of the CAT exam. Hence reputed coaching institutions offer multiple benefits to prepare yourself for the examination. Despite that, if you still choose to go on your own, you mustset your targets and achieve the same using the proper method and the right planning. You must be focused and honest while preparing yourself. Then only you can crack an exam like CAT on the very first attempt.

Proper Planning and Structured Strategy

You need to know the CAT syllabus in depth. This is important for your study and preparation. Once you are aware of the CAT exam syllabus, you must prepare yourself based on certain planning and strategy. It is important to seal a berth in any reputed management institution. The entire syllabus is important to you, and you can’t afford to miss a single thing. But, apart from that, you need to give some special focus on certain aspects that will help you to crack the CAT exam. This planning coupled with perfect strategy is of utmost importance for you. You must take special care in case of preparing yourself in:

  • Quantitative Aptitude Section
  • Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC) Section
  • Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) Section

Mock Test and Time Management

Both Mock tests and time management are co-related and bear the utmost importance in clearing any competitive exam, especially CAT. If you want to crack CAT on the first attempt, you must sit for multiple mock tests without any bar. The more you can appear for such tests, the higher your efficiency and probability of becoming successful. Exams must be concluded ere the scheduled time, and this is the key to success. Time management is vital both in exam time as well as in study time. While studying, you must divide the entire time based on the chapters and sections you will read. And, in the case of the mock and final exam, time management bears the vital key as you need to complete the entire exam under a certain time. By any chance, the time will not be extended, and anyhow you must answer each question. So, preparation for mock tests with a timer is the best solution in this case.

Strong Subject Concept

Without the concept of any subject, you can’t clear CAT in any attempt. First, you must understand the basic concepts and then gradually mustenter the depth. You need to conceptualize the subject so that you can be ready to answer coming from any quarter. You can’t expect the simplest questions will come to you; rather, you need to think twice before answering a question. That is the speciality of exams like CAT. Start reading the subjects in blocks and once a block is completed, make a summary of the same so that you are aware of everything inside that chapter. In that way, you must continue with other subjects and papers. Initially, you might feel difficult, but ultimately it will pay you once all your chapters are completed.

Apart from these, you may check what strategies were adopted by successful candidates in previous exams for subjects like English, DILR, and Quantitative Aptitude. If you are serious, dedicated, and determined to be successful in life, then there is every possibility for you to crack CAT on the first attempt. Thousands of students did this before you, and you too can.

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