AliExpress shipping – How to get faster shipping

AliExpress shipping – How to get faster shipping

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One of the main deterrents to beginning a dropshipping business is the lengthy delivery timeframes. The truth is that it isn’t as a deterrent as it appears. We’ll refute some of the falsehoods you’ve heard and offer advice on dealing with client skepticism about extended dropshipping late delivery. Dropshippers are developing a thriving business online every day, even if they inform their clients that their products will reach in 2 to 3 weeks.

aliexpress shipping is a massive online platform that has become increasingly popular for dropshipping in recent times. Aliexpress provides a large range of goods at very low costs because most of the vendors are Chinese. AliExpress sells everything from jewelry, apparel, games, electronics, home furnishings, and other electronic devices.

ePacket delivery

ePacket delivery is among the most known and common AliExpress package deals for dropshipping, and it takes between 10-15 days for the product to arrive at its location. Given that AliExpress goods typically take from around 30 to 60 days to arrive, this is a pretty outstanding number. AliExpress’s usual shipping method can take up to 2 months to arrive. The ePacket method of delivery is a speedier option that takes 7-15 days to process the merchandise, depending on the target region.

AliExpress shipping Procedures

Dropshipping with Aliexpress is straightforward, but there is a list of steps if you want it to go smoothly. It all starts with a study that concludes with outstanding customer service.

1. Limit your search to AliExpress sellers in your area.

The greatest way to cut down on AliExpress shipping delays is to shop from vendors who have nearby warehouses.

2. Look for Premium listings for your goods on the internet.

The second strategy for getting faster AliExpress shipping is to look for VIP listings for your goods. These are AliExpress product pages that are primarily designed for dropshippers. Because you’ll most likely be a return buyer if you’re dropshipping, AliExpress vendors do this. Because there’s a decent possibility you’ll buy their goods several times, they’ll treat you like a Celebrity.

On AliExpress, a Premium page might help you receive quicker shipment times since some vendors will give your sale greater priority, resulting in faster response time. Special shipping techniques, such as YunExpress, may be used to ship your item.

3. Research and determine the most cost-effective delivery method for your nation.

If you’ve ever shopped from AliExpress before, you’ve probably noticed that some sellers provide a long list of delivery options. While they all come with a delivery estimate, it is sometimes wrong and quite broad. A shipping model will usually suggest a delivery period of 20 to 40 days. However, which of two reasonably priced shipping methods with an estimated delivery time of 20-40 days do you choose?

Your country will most likely determine the optimal shipping method. So there’s only one thing to locate out: check out all of the possibilities!

4. Try out a few different vendors to see which one has the quickest turnaround time.

You should try to evaluate multiple vendors in addition to the shipping methods themselves. This is because some vendors may send your order in one or two days, while others may need up to seven! As a result, picking a provider with quick processing times might already improve your shipment times significantly. Aside from processing timeframes, there are other factors to consider while evaluating an AliExpress vendor.

5. Converse to your resource before placing an order with them for AliExpress shipping

Another strategy for getting faster AliExpress shipping times is to ask your supplier a few inquiries before placing an order with them. For example, you could inform your vendor that you intend to dropship with them and seek if they can provide a speedier shipping service to your specific market.

6. Need an AliExpress shipping substitute

This final step won’t assist you in getting quicker AliExpress shipping, but it will assist you in getting quicker shipping! You can accomplish this by utilizing an AliExpress substitute. It’s a fact that there are a plethora of other dropshipping vendors to choose from. You may surpass the delivery times of almost all AliExpress providers if you choose a good supplier, particularly ones situated near your target market, such as a US or EU vendor.


AliExpress as a dropshipping supplier, is simpler to supply reduced, elevated items to your web retailer because AliExpress’s cost is far lower than that of eBay and Amazon. You won’t have to wonder what you’re getting because AliExpress provides photographs of every item that you can have used on your site, as well as importing details straight from the factory, sparing you time and ensuring that buyers know what they’re getting when they buy items.

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