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AdSense approval checklist – Important point

AdSense approval checklist – Important point

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Google AdSense is one of the conventional networks that provide the authorization to publish ads. This reputed network has many satisfied customers who get paid by Google. You can also start earning from blogs by applying for Google Adsense. If your blog receives the google AdSense approval, the network pays you good money. However, the Google AdSense network is rigorous these days, and it only approves quality websites. Therefore, the below-mentioned checklist will help you to get Google AdSense approval.

AdSense approval checklist

1. Using the top-level domain is first AdSense approval checklist

The recommended top-level domains are dot com, dot net, and dot org and ensure that your website is at least six months of age before applying for Google AdSense. If Google senses any malpractices, it will not approve your site. The age check is essential to control fraudulent activities. The feature also reduces the invalid users getting the google AdSense approval. Therefore, the site that has been in use for six months should only apply for AdSense.

2. Top-quality content is important in AdSense approval checklist

The important thing before applying for Google AdSense is writing top quality content. Google only considers blogs that contain interesting and quality content. Your content will be checked and reviewed, so make it good enough to get AdSense approval. Good quality content should be unique, have proper headings, bullet points, and be error-free.

3. Privacy policy

Blogs with the privacy policy will get AdSense approval. Mostly, scam websites do not have any privacy policy. The AdSense network approves only if they consider you as a good business website, and the rest of the google AdSense conditions are applicable only if the site contains a privacy policy. Platforms such as WordPress will allow you to create a privacy policy for your website.

4. About Us page

Like privacy policy, blogs that have “about us” page will get the approval of AdSense. This “about us” page is essential to check the authenticity of your website. The “About Us” page is a simple description of your blog. This page will help you to gain the trust of Google AdSense as well as your readers.

5. Contact page

The contact page is helpful for the users to contact the page owner. The user can get in touch with you through the contact page. The contact page must contain a professional email address and other contact details. Therefore, a contact page is essential to get AdSense approval.

6. Easy navigation menu

If the website wants to get the approval of Google AdSense, then it must have an easy navigation menu so that people can access the site with ease. Therefore, create a clear navigation menu that contains essential categories. The more you please your visitors, there is more chance of getting approved by AdSense.

7. Good posts

There is no specific number of jobs to apply for google AdSense. However, if you have 20 useful quality posts, then you can apply for AdSense. Further, all contents on your website should be more than 600 words.

8. Authentic information

Many new bloggers who are under 18 years write the incorrect age to get the approval of AdSense. The Google AdSense will review your account, and if there is any illegitimate detail, they will reject the support. So, enter the correct date of birth and authentic personal information.

9. Blog design is also part of AdSense approval checklist

Blog design is essential to get Adsense approval. The network expects professional blogs that are fast-loading and contains excellent blog design. The blog design shows your expertise and professionalism. Therefore, ensure that your blog design is superior before applying for Google Adsense.


To summarize, it is not tough to get approval if your blog contains the above AdSense approval checklist. Google requires superior blog design, a decent number of visitors, and quality content from each publisher. Therefore, see this checklist before applying for Google AdSense to get Sureshot approval.

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